Skateboarding reaches the news again….Probably not good

This was in the news today. I guess this happened a year ago.


The cop got suspended I guess but rumor is he is basically on paid leave. I got checked for warrant one time skating because the guy kept asking for our names and I asked him what he needed it for and after we got to an understanding I told him I wasn’t trying to mess with him but that I have had people treat me like the people in the videos before and he checked me for warrants just because I told him cops and security had treated me bad for riding my skateboard before and tried to chase me just for riding it. I’ve even had a cop tell me that I had to walk home and stopped me twice until I walked out of jurisdiction.
The cop that checked me for warrants was cool about it afterwards, I don’t want people thinking I’m anti-police cause the guy was just enforcing some new thing they have going out there and he let us stay at the spot and even talked to us about it. It’s just a funny and true story.
The guy who made me walk wasn’t cool cause when he came back and caught us riding down the road again he threatened to give us a ticket or something.

Also see this video.

11 Responses to “Skateboarding reaches the news again….Probably not good”

  1. andrewjaykinney Says:

    This guy is harsh. The good news: Officer Rivieri will be on the internet forever. His kids and grandkids will someday have the extreme pleasure of discovering just what sort of character he has. Potentially, that’s a pretty severe consequence. Great post,

  2. everythingimnot Says:

    Yeah, youtube has brought alot of videos just like this and it has gotten a few people in trouble for the same kind of thing, the other video I linked in this post was in the news for a week or two and I think it is just because of the shock that this happens to all kinds of people anywhere and it isn’t something that could never happen to you.

  3. This video is fantastic! I personally believe that this officer may be either one of two things, power tripping or “roid” raging. But none the less it is very funny to watch. This kid is bold I’ll give him that much and he has earned a spot on youtube to live eternally.

  4. everythingimnot Says:

    Somewhere in the comments on youtube somebody said he was just trying to compensate for the vehicle he had to drive, if you didn’t notice it, it looks like a little electric car that he had plugged in across the street

  5. Dude this cop is nuts he needs hit in the balls or he needs to start poppping some pills because he is Definatly! insane..

  6. I think he is over agressive as well….what kind of grown man is going to harass little kids for walking with skateboards.. i could understand if they were riding them around…falling and flinging their boards into stuff..but No these kids were walking around in the city then bla bla im a fat cop shut up and listen to me because i have a badge..what a prick.

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