Street Kings

street kings

Chris Evans, The Game, Keanu Reeves

New movie coming out with a pretty insane cast. It has two of my favorite rappers, the game and common, so I have to do some promotion for artists I support because the music industry isn’t too stable anymore. The Game has been in a couple movies before and Common has as well. I’ll put the trailer up for the movie, you’re pretty much seeing this from me first so enjoy and leave some comments.
The website for the movie is pretty interesting, it has links to news articles of police brutality and crooked cops so I don’t think this will be your typical west coast gangster film but it will be a great film no matter what.

3 Responses to “Street Kings”

  1. everythingimnot Says:

    The main picture is a little screwed up but I didn’t feel like actually cropping it so I just shrunk it down to get it done.

  2. […] movie featuring Keanu AND Common? *swoon* As formulaic as it sounds, I’m down. Let me link this guy for the preview since he’s claiming dibs and aggressively pimping his blog. Good luck […]

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