The N-Word and The Voting Rights Act

So I had read an article about Nas at the grammy’s and he mentioned something about how blacks wouldn’t be able to vote in the next twenty odd years so I did some research and found out that he was talking about the voting rights act of 1965. The wiki link talks about how George W. Bush extended the law another twenty-five years which I think is good but it just shows how hard it must be to pass that permanently no matter what party you are in. Nas’ next album is also titled (uncensored) the n-word. He showed up to the grammy’s wearing a shirt with the word across his chest and announced that his album will be dropping April 22nd so around then you will be seeing a ton of promotion cause if Nas is taking on something this big it is gonna be a classic album.

“nobody is gonna tell the truth unless they are angered”
Here is the link to the audio
so you can hear more about it.
Again, I don’t think this has anything to do with George Bush cause I know people are gonna look at this and want to rant about Bush doing this and that but the guy who passed the law with the revisions to be able to stop blacks from voting, if necessary, was a democrat. If you think about it Bush can barely pass anything in congress so do you really think anybody, mainly the original party writers of that law, are gonna want to change it if Bush says so?

*Edit: Continue reading the post for the video from the Grammy’s

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7 Responses to “The N-Word and The Voting Rights Act”

  1. I think there’s a misconception on your and/or Nas’s part; the Voting Rights Act didn’t somehow give blacks the right to vote. It’s not as if blacks didn’t vote at all before 1965. It outlawed literacy tests and such that were being used in the South as a backdoor method to reduce the # of black votes. Unless you think (1) Southern states would try to re-introduce literacy tests if they could and (2) most blacks are illiterate and would thus fail, the 1965 Voting Rights Act probably has very little effect on how many blacks can vote at present. Its main use now is probably so that politicians can pose as being friends to blacks by showing how much they “support” it, by “renewing” it, etc – it’s a cheap bone to throw. But what theoretically secured blacks’ right to vote was the 15th Amendment to the Constitution, ratified in 1870, and it’s not going to expire, whatever Nas says 🙂

  2. everythingimnot Says:

    There are also little things in this acts that would prohibit minorities from voting if you listen to the audio and read into the law. Also, this law states that ballots have to be printed in different languages to adjust to people who haven’t quite learned the english language yet and that would single out a great number of people of many nationalities.

    There is also leeway for the states in this law to where they can be excused from the watch of the federal government and practice how they want to unchecked unless somebody reports and injustice. Reading into it also tells you that there is no federal right stating that voting is an explicit right of the people.

    Nas’ point is that they shouldn’t have to battle against former injustices in this century and that this shouldn’t even be discussed if a minority should have problems trying to vote or not.

  3. everythingimnot Says:

    Normally I would probably be in almost total agreement with you but you have to realize that our nation is still struggling with racism which clarifies the choice of album title for Nas and brings the president to have to talk to the press just this past week about how nooses are being displayed all over the country still.

  4. I understand all that, but nevertheless it’s just not as significant as you/Nas were making it seem. Even if the Act weren’t renewed someday, there’s just no way “blacks wouldn’t be able to vote” is an accurate description of what would happen. Hyperbole like that doesn’t help anything.

  5. everythingimnot Says:

    I can agree with you on that, I mean it would probably cause some issues for black people but I think it would hurt new immigrants and people like that more than anything from what I read just because many of them aren’t familiar with the language when they first become part of the country.

    It’s more the fact that they even still have to discuss a law like that, nobody should have to discuss it, it should be a given and I think that is what Nas really wants to point out but at the same time he does want to inflame people and he wants to promote an album so I think it is a smart move because it gets people involved in what they are listening to without dumbing anything down.

  6. everythingimnot Says:

    And I don’t mean inflame people to call out the law and make a big fuss, just to get the law revised cause that is what Nas is really calling for is a revision so it no longer needs to be discussed and voted on.

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