Analytical Research: Rap v. Society

I am writing a paper about the recent events from the beginning of the Jena 6 up to the hanging of a noose around the neck of the statue of Tupac Shakur. This not only includes the incidents of racism but also the media’s sudden want to clean up rap music after Don Imus said “nappy-headed ho”, which led to a congressional hearing over the state of rap music. I talk about how when something bad happens in society it gets reflected upon the rap community as if the source of all problems comes from there. I am using Tupac as a recurring figure in my paper.

In the 90’s Tupac dealt firsthand with issues of racism and was placed as the leader of gangsta rap and media attention was placed on him when things went wrong in society. He was blamed for a teen shooting a police officer in Texas who allegedly said that he was listening to Tupac and the music made him do it. Tupac was also under the magnifying glass for his use of the words bitch and ho and again it was made to look like it was all of his fault.

More than ten years later we are still having the same argument about the use of the word bitch among others. Rap still takes the fall for the use of swearing and for violence, especially in schools. Rap has been analyzed for the “stop snitchin'” movement and for the words used especially bitch and the n-word.
Bill O’Reilly went on his show and tried to make people prevent rapper Nas from performing at a Virginia Tech benefit concert claiming that Nas was a gangsta rapper and that he only had violent lyrics and he even had letters from kids at the school who said they didn’t want him there but when Nas performed and ended his set by saying “this is for Bill O’Reilly” and then performing “Hate Me Now” the crowd loved it.
So to end this brief description of the paper
I’m analyzing whether rap music gets stones cast on it all day or whether it really is such a negative force in society that the news and polticians make it out to be.
Feel free to comment and discuss or just let me know what you think about it.

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