And you think rap is bad

 To talk more on my analytical research I am doing a post about other types of music that most has been deemed fit for radio play and socially acceptable. Rap uses the same words and phrases and the culture is frowned upon. I compiled a quick set of videos that are more offensive or just as offensive as people view commercial rap. If you don’t think these are more offensive you probably have a backwards perspective on life. I included the famous song “Bitch” by Meredith Brooks because it is the perfect example of how it is wrong for rappers to say bitch but a woman can run around talking about how she is a bitch just because she is singing about it when it is counter-productive to do so. Women have been having fits all year about the Imus situation and rappers saying bitch but when that song came out it was empowering to women and many claimed to be bitches themselves and said it was a term of empowerment against mysogyny in society. There is also songs that portray women negatively but according to the news women are forced into making themselves look bad in rap videos and they don’t ask to be in them and ask to wear next to nothing. This post isn’t just fixed on the topic of women but that is one of the main issues that was facing rap this year along with the use of the n-word and that the music was too vulgar which there are also songs that cover that. That was my brief description
I’ll let you get to viewing the videos,click the link below to see them.
Comment if you want.

Johnny Rebel

David Slattery-“My Wife Cut Her Hair(And It’s Gone To Her Head)”

Rodney Carrington-“The Day My Wife Met My Girlfriend”

Meredith Brooks-“Bitch”

Buckcherry-“Crazy Bitch”

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6 Responses to “And you think rap is bad”

  1. andrewjaykinney Says:

    Check out Patricia Smith’s slam poem “Skinhead” at youtube.

  2. I find it interesting that you would consider my song offensive. The whole angle of the song PLAYS on the MAN’S stupidity…I’m poking fun at MYSELF here…SHE gets a P.H.D. and becomes a C.E.O. and I blame(in jest) it all on her haircut! The JOKE is on me here. (My wife helped me with the angle on this one by the way).
    I am nonetheless honored that you would showcase my song here…thanks and have fun….David

  3. i can’t believe how sexist you are. and to me it seems like you are the one whose life is completely backwards. a woman calling herself a “bitch” is just like a black person calling his/her self “nigga”. at one point in time, it was a form of oppression, but now it’s used for empowerment. same concept, but for some reason, you neglected to connect the two. wonder why.

  4. everythingimnot Says:

    that is the whole point, it is okay for a woman to say it as empowerment, but rap gets backlashed for using their word. I’m not saying it’s right in either case, that is up for other people to argue, but why say it is stupid for rappers to say only we can use this word but for women saying bitch it is a different scenario. This is what happens when you connect the two. The whole point isn’t who is right and who is wrong, the point is that there is a double standard for different forms of music. Buckcherry having “Crazy Bitch” as a top radio hit is a perfect example of this.

    Mr. Slattery, I am amazed you commented my site and thank you. I understand what you were doing with the song and I enjoyed it, but I was using it to compare and contrast with songs by people like Ludacris whose name describes his content. What I was working with during the time was a study of how society looks at rap music as a sort of scapegoat for why things happen in the media. If the word bitch is up for debate all of these songs aren’t taken into consideration, only rap music is, as we saw on Oprah during the time I was doing this. If language has to be defended by musicians shouldn’t all genres have to participate?

    Again, I’m not saying anyone is right or wrong, people just need to take a step back and really put things into context, which is why I included songs that were jokes. One genre doesn’t reign supreme, music is and always has and will be in accordance to taste. Read my posts about Nas and look up his “Untitled” album, listen to “Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It”, these are the messages that I aim(ed) to get across.

    Lastly, the “you have life backwards” was a ploy to get people to comment, even though some of these are equally bad or worse than any rap I have ever heard. Thank you for the feedback.

  5. David Slattery Says:

    Hey thanks for the response…I do see your point, and thanks again for using my song here…how did you ever find it?

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