Mickey Factz-“I’m Sean (50 Shots More)”

This is a song about the Sean Bell tragedy where Sean Bell was killed by the police on his wedding day after the police let off 50 shots thinking that Sean Bell had a weapon when he didn’t. Mickey Factz takes on the persona of Sean Bell in this song with an eerie instrumental and a lyrical narrative of the events of what happened and the aftermath and contains audio from newscasts. I am also gonna post a video that tells you more about Mickey Factz so you can decide if he is someone you would want to add to your list or not.

See also: Sean’s wife and kids appear in Rocawear Ad.
I forgot to link this earlier: Trial Begins
The videos are still in the post just continue reading to see them and comment.

“I’m Sean (50 Shots More)”

Mickey Factz EPK

2 Responses to “Mickey Factz-“I’m Sean (50 Shots More)””

  1. Do you know the Emmet Till story? Here’s one of my favorite thinkers on religion and race relations in America, Cornell West, from an on-line interview at http://www.democracynow.org:

    CORNEL WEST: For me, one of the great moments of American culture actually occurred in August of 1955. Very few people want to talk about it. 1955, of course, Emmit Till was murdered by fellow citizens, a victim of U.S. Terrorism. The body was found in the Yazoo river under the Tallahatchie bridge, but his body was brought back to Chicago, and the first major Civil Rights demonstration took place. 125,000 fellow citizens walked by to take a look at Emmit Till. His mother left the coffin open so they could see. It was at Pilgrim Baptist Church, led by the Reverend Julius Caesar Austin. He introduced Mamie Till, Mobely. She walked to the lectern. She looked over at her baby whose head was five times the size of his normal head. Then she looked in the eyes of America as well as the folk at south side Chicago, she said what—I don’t have a minute to hate, I’m going to pursue justice for the rest of my life. That’s a level of spiritual maturity and moral maturity that does not give up on the Socratic attempt to interrogate the mendacity and hypocrisy of American life, but is rooted in something deep. It’s rooted in an attempt to keep track of the humanity of the very people who have dehumanized you. [end quote]

    Obviously, 1955 is ancient history for some people, which is a real shame, but the Emmet Till lynching (and his mother’s reaction) is absolutely relevant to the Sean Bell shooting. West likes to talk about American amnesia–for some reason there is always moral outrage at individual events like the Bell shooting even as so few Americans see the larger trend of racial violence.

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