5000 Hits and Runnin’

Lupe Fiasco- “Superstar”

I’ve officially gotten over 5000 hits on my site so I would like to thank my lurkers who come through browse and leave. Maybe since I have reached this mark one of you will actually start commenting. It doesn’t matter though just keep stopping by and giving me hits and I’ll keep posting as much stuff as I can. Anyways I have a couple bonus videos for this post, you guys should be happy I have loaded up with a ton of videos in the last few posts I don’t know if you can keep up.
Check it out
and maybe leave a comment for me with some input.

Jay-Z – “Say Hello”

Jay-Z ft. Nas- “Success”

3 Responses to “5000 Hits and Runnin’”

  1. Skeeter Valentine Says:

    Since it seems you like American Gangster, there is a new video that was released for “I know” off the album. It’s a neat video…

  2. Skeeter Valentine Says:

    disregard last statement. I didn’t read the other article under this one…stupid me

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