Rick Ross Ft. Jay-Z – “Maybach Music”


Trilla in stores March 11th
Hear first
check it out below
it is tagged up but oh well

Rick Ross ft. Jay-Z -“Maybach Music”

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Rick Ross ft. Lil Wayne,Trick Daddy,and Young Jeezy-Luxury Tax
Rick Ross ft. T-Pain- Boss
Super Tuesday Part 1

7 Responses to “Rick Ross Ft. Jay-Z – “Maybach Music””

  1. Ross is the truth

  2. everythingimnot Says:

    Him and Fat Joe are releasing their albums on the same day, it will be interesting to watch. They both have pretty strong albums this time around.

  3. Skeeter Valentine Says:

    i thought fat joe and rick ross were the same person at one point….fat fux

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