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Video of the Dead Prez Concert Riot

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Two videos of what happened as the true story in the story that was in the Honorable Mention links.
Continue reading to see the two videos where the cops just run in and start pushing people who are just yelling. The availability of cameras these days is great.
The commentary by the people filming is pretty funny too.
Check it out click the link below to keep reading.

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The N-Word and The Voting Rights Act

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So I had read an article about Nas at the grammy’s and he mentioned something about how blacks wouldn’t be able to vote in the next twenty odd years so I did some research and found out that he was talking about the voting rights act of 1965. The wiki link talks about how George W. Bush extended the law another twenty-five years which I think is good but it just shows how hard it must be to pass that permanently no matter what party you are in. Nas’ next album is also titled (uncensored) the n-word. He showed up to the grammy’s wearing a shirt with the word across his chest and announced that his album will be dropping April 22nd so around then you will be seeing a ton of promotion cause if Nas is taking on something this big it is gonna be a classic album.

“nobody is gonna tell the truth unless they are angered”
Here is the link to the audio
so you can hear more about it.
Again, I don’t think this has anything to do with George Bush cause I know people are gonna look at this and want to rant about Bush doing this and that but the guy who passed the law with the revisions to be able to stop blacks from voting, if necessary, was a democrat. If you think about it Bush can barely pass anything in congress so do you really think anybody, mainly the original party writers of that law, are gonna want to change it if Bush says so?

*Edit: Continue reading the post for the video from the Grammy’s
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