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Hip-Hop vs. America

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Alright, so I was browsing through youtube and I came across one of their features that has to do with my topic for analytical research. It is the video collection of a debate style show that BET put on discussing the state of hip-hop music and how it affects society which was a major topic in America this year. I contacted the people who had the videos that were being featured and they said it would be great so I will also link to them at the end of the post. I thought the debate was pretty interesting when I caught parts of it on TV and I hope everyone else finds it interesting too, feel free to leave some response to them. I haven’t watched it in awhile so hopefully you hundreds of people passing through will leave some comments to discuss and bring up some points.

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Analytical Research: Rap v. Society

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I am writing a paper about the recent events from the beginning of the Jena 6 up to the hanging of a noose around the neck of the statue of Tupac Shakur. This not only includes the incidents of racism but also the media’s sudden want to clean up rap music after Don Imus said “nappy-headed ho”, which led to a congressional hearing over the state of rap music. I talk about how when something bad happens in society it gets reflected upon the rap community as if the source of all problems comes from there. I am using Tupac as a recurring figure in my paper. Continue reading

’07 Rap Up

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“Soulja Boy hit the scene and I don’t wanna see YOU doin that unless YOU under 18”