Killers of Sean Bell Acquitted

[The truth emerged when the smoke cleared: There was no weapon inside Bell’s blood-splattered car.

After an ambulance was summoned, the shaken detectives gathered in the middle of the street — a scene the supervisor described as “surreal.”

“We were all in shock,” he said. “We thanked God that none of us were hit and we were going home.” ]

The cops thanked God that they weren’t hit by any bullets.
Underneath a paragraph that said Sean Bell didn’t even have a gun.

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16 Responses to “Killers of Sean Bell Acquitted”

  1. Someone posted up an analogy comparing this travesty of justice to the 3/5 compromise, and this seems to sum up the way African-American lives are still valued far too often. I have some sympathy for cops in general, they have a tough job with tough calls, but this was just inexcusable. I have white, Latino and Asian friends backing us up on this, so this is hardly an unusual conclusion. This was, without any doubt, a horrendous act against a human being, and a decent one at that, taking care of his family. While accounts vary, Sean Bell seems to have been reasonably afraid that he was being carjacked– the undercover officer did not identify himself, and when Bell and Guzman took off like that, they were doing so in the fear that they were being attacked, not running away from an arrest. Besides, why shoot 50 times against someone who’s obviously fleeing? It’s so frustrating that this was given short shrift.

    Despite the anger we all justifiably have due to the injustice of the Sean Bell case, we need to harness this anger toward productive uses.

    If things are ever going to improve for African-Americans, we have to redouble our efforts to gain social, political and economic power here.

    Remember, time and demographics are both on our side. Whites now have a birth rate well below replacement in the USA, while the African-American population grows steadily both by natural growth and immigration from Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean. Even some Blacks immigrating to the USA from France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Spain. (BTW if any of you can speak Spanish and/or Portuguese, please encourage our Black brethren in Latin America, especially from Brazil, to emigrate to the USA. There’s strength in numbers.)

    I know Blacks and Latinos have often been at loggerheads, but we’re natural allies– both fighting against White oppression, with Latinos having been invaded in multiple wars by the Anglos in Florida, the Mexican-American War and Spanish-American War. Latinos lost half of Mexico when Anglos invaded in 1848, and were ethnically cleansed by Anglos so that they could start slavery in the conquered territories. Blacks and Latinos today are natural partners in the fight for social justice, both fighting for affirmative action and against discrimination. Spanish is an easy language to learn, and the more that we reach out to each other, speak some Spanish ourselves, and support our Latino brothers and sisters, the more our alliance is cemented.

    I’d say if anything, the key for us is to gain political power, and to do that, it’s best to concentrate ourselves geographically a bit more in a few states, where we will soon be the majority. On the one hand, we need Blacks throughout the country to demand our rights, but on the other, a better geographical focus is the key to political power, as it is throughout the world’s democratic countries.

    IOW, we need to have our own “North American Nubia” where we have a demographic majority and political power. Some Deep South States are obvious candidates– Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana for example, all of which will soon be Black-majority within perhaps a decade. This would be a core of our nation.

    But we can have a second North American Nubia (or North American Africana, whichever name you prefer) in the Upper Midwest– Michigan is one of the Blackest states in the Union, and much of Illinois is also strongly African-American in demographics, culture and social importance.

    Some of my homies from college have even urged conversion to Islam for African-Americans. It’s not something I’ve considered myself, though I’ll acknowledge that at least for many urban African-Americans, they’ve done quite well after the conversion. Many having been in jail or kept out of jail, they become more focused and disciplined, as fathers they take care of their Black children and care better for Black women, stay away from drugs and violence and so forth. (interesting link a friend sent to me– The Nubian Manifesto )

    IMHO there are many different personal routes we can take for empowerment, but as a group, we must stay strong and focused and, again, have enough of a geographic concentration that we can gain political power. Just as we should ally with Latinos as they become the majority in their own homelands in Southwestern states and Florida, so should Blacks ally with Muslims in Michigan (who will soon be the majority in that state).

    It’s obvious from our people’s history here, that we’ll survive only by standing up for ourselves. Political and economic empowerment are the central aspects of this.

  2. We been covering Sean Bell’s case over at Highbrid Nation from the start and when I read today that the police officers were acquitted I was in serious disbelief. An unarmed man was shot 50 times and the people who did it are not responsible at all!? That’s crazy.

  3. Does this have as much to do with race as it does Class? Had Sean Bell been from a wealthy family, would they have done more with the case and would the public opinion been more interested? Only one of the cops was white.

  4. It is a true tragedy when a man can be murdered and the killer walks free.
    Maybe this man was not a saint whom had his pass but that does not mean that his killers should walk free.
    This is truly an unjustice. Maybe the police did suspect something but as cops they are trained to protect and serve to evaluate the situation and then react.
    Fifty shots fired and not one by the what truly comes down to innocent victims.
    The problem is anyone can become a cop but not everyone should be one. The system is so backwards and is here to service the wrong ones.
    The cops should not have had a choice to decide if they could have a trial by jury. There trial should have been before the people.
    My heart goes out to his wife, children, and family. There is no pain greater then loosing a child or a father.
    My prays are with you.

  5. Why is that when John White shot and killed an unarmed 19 year old boy (with an illegal gun) Al Sharpton said he should befound not guity as a man has a right to protect himself; but when police officers who are doiing their job feel threatned, they cannit protect themselvs. How can anyone, but the 3 men (2 of whom are black), know if they felt that their lives were in danger.

    • how can their lives be in danger when the man was UNARMED? One of the officers RELOADED his gun and was also responsible for 31 of the 51 shots fired at this man. U sound like racist who thinks these men were rightfully acquitted.

      This “Black Robe/White Justice”. This happens in our world more then u know. Gunned down/ruffed up by cops and they walk. Either a White Jury finds they were justified or the vic is somehow responsible for their death.

      Here’s a partial list:

      Oscar Grant -shot while layin on his stomach and cuffed
      Andres Acosta- 81 yr old man shot 10 TIMES! Cops at wrong house
      Amadou Diallo -4 Cops opened on him-he was unarmed-41 shots-acuitted
      Abner Louima -beaten, sexually assaulted and sodimized by cops
      Ousmane Zongo-cracker got 5 yrs probation
      Johnny Gammage-killed for DWB-Drivin’ While Black
      Patrick Dorismond-police said this was “accidental”
      Jean Charles de Menezes-shot 7 times in the head/mistaken identity

      and I said partial. All theses cases with the exception of Louima, no one paid for, and they only taxed 2 of the 4 involved in his case. This doesnt include the one killed on the daily and never makes the news.

      John White was shot and killed that lil bastard because he came to HIS home with 5-6 other thugs to jump on (maybe kill?) his son. The man was protectin’ his family and home. If the lil monster was tryin to be Billy Bad Ass and never went to that man’s home, he’d be alive today.

      God forgive me but I dont have any sympathy for him. He got what he came to get. I do feel for his mom, tho; she’s lost a son.

  6. Really now? Says:

    On the surface it may seem like you can compare the White case to Shawn Bells, but they are completely different situations when you look at the facts. The “unarmed 19 year old” had come to White’s house with several friends and was threatening harm to White’s son while calling out racial epithets. Sean Bell on the other hand, was just at the club and could have reasonably thought that he was being attacked but the unannounced undercover officer. In White’s case, in response to an very clearly threatening mob of young men, White attempted to scare them away, and accidentally shot one who lunged for his gun. With Sean Bell, even if the officers did perceive some threat, they fired 50 rounds at Bell without confirming that he was indeed some threat. And for three officers to fired 50 rounds, that means at some point they would have to change weapons or reload, meaning that after emptying a clip they still did not take time to properly assess the situation, before they continued to INTENTIONALLY fire at an unarmed man.

    A person should have the right to protect themselves, but they should not use lethal force intentionally when the situation doesn’t require that. And to me the race of the officers is inconsequential, it is a fact that the police have a trivial amount of respect for the lives of black men in this country. Even if the officers had been Bell’s brothers it wouldn’t make it ok for them to shoot him 50 times in cold blood. In addition, this just shows what a mockery our legal system is, when the police officers were basically just pardoned by the judge without seeing a jury.

  7. By the words of the men who were with Bell, they said “go get my gun”. Any police officer has to think of that as a threat and react. We were not there. Do you know how you would react? You can say you wouldn’t fire that many rounds, but is that true. If it were you, would you take the chance of being killed and never seeing your family again? I think not

    • even if they DID say that, Im sure police procedure is not to just open fire! They might have taken that person into custody or somethin…

      um-thats not a very good comparison, dude.

  8. they didnt say that to the cops
    the cops allegedly heard them say it about a whole different situation that made the cops come over to them unannounced

  9. This is a horrific tragedy. There is absolutely no reasonable justification for the actions of these officers. If any person can find justification for the death of this young man, then we are all truly in a hell and there is no hope for us as human beings.

    My heart is broken for his family. I have 2 sons and I could not imagine what it feels like to loose one, especially to such incomprehensible circumstances.

    The police have to be held accountable for what they did to all three of these men and their families, especially Sean’s. We have to get our priorities straight here people. We have to stand up for what is right and when the system fails, we have to be steadfast and never give up demanding equal justice and change. Its hard, but it is the only way.

    It is time for this country to take a good look in the mirror, because anytime you can shoot at people 50 times with no consequence, then we have a legal system that is more then flawed, but morally bankrupt.
    Enough is enough ! For the cops, if you should walk away from your earthly punishment, beleive and understand that when you leave here God will be waiting for you and he will have the doorway to eternal Hell open and ready for all of you. LIVE WITH THAT!

  10. Do all of you believe that these 3 police officers went to work that night planning on shooting and killing 3 people? I don’t think so. That is their jobs as police officers. To protect themselves and the community. I knoweveryone says that it was excessive, but I say again; how do you know what you would do if you felt that your life was threatened? You can’t say you wouldn’t shoot, because you don’t know until you are in that situation.

  11. bandyt22 Says:

    it’s no excuse cd3471. the police shot an UNARMED man multiple times! threat or no threat, UNARMED!!! fuck what you’re talkin’ about. you defend the piglets who took this UNARMED man from his family? what kind of person does that. and it would be nothin’ if it was the pigs who did it, because they are trained to have better judgement than going off what they hear. you have to be a cold-hearted and gutless bastard to side with the laws on this one. there’s no fuckin’ way those compassionless fuckers should be walkin’ free. take me from my son and my fam will see to it that your punk ass don’t breath air in the freeworld again! no matter how much it costs. look at things from everybody’s angle and not just the police. analyze the life of everybody before you start talkin’ stupid.

  12. AND one of these cretins has the nerve to sue Sean’s estate claiming he was injured!!!

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